My Dvd Collection - The Best 70's Horror Films Video

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In this Dvd Collection series video I talk about and Review some of my all time favorite 1970's Horror films that I have in my dvd collection.
The best 70's Horror Movies are:
- John Carpenter's Halloween : Directed by John Carpenter - Starring :
Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis
- Bad Ronald : Directed by Buzz Kulik - Starring Scott Jacoby and Dabney Coleman
- Crawlspace ( The Tv Movie ) : Directed by John newland and Buzz Kulik
- Trilogy of Terror : Directed by Dan Curtis - Starring Karen Black
- The Texas Chain Saw Massacre : Directed by Tobe Hooper - Starring Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal and Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface
- Let's Scare Jessica to Death : Directed by John D. Hancock
- The Changeling : Directed by Peter Medak - Starring George C. Scott
- Lèvres rouges, Les ( Daughters of Darkness ) : Directed by Harry Kümel
- Ultimo treno della notte, L' - Night Train Murders : Directed by Aldo Lado - Starring Flavio Bucci
- George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978) : Directed by George A. Remero - Starring David Emge and Ken Foree
- Tourist Trap : Directed by David Schmoeller - Starring Chuck Connors
- Shock waves : Directed by Ken Wiederhorn - Starring Peter Cushing and Brooke adams
- Phantasm : Directed by Don Coscarelli - Starring A. Michael Baldwin, Reggies Bannister and Angus Scrimm
- The Last House on the Left : Directed by Wes Craven - Starring David Hess
- The Hills have eyes : Directed by Wes Craven - Starring Dee Wallace Stone and Michael Berryman
- Cagged Terror aka Golden Apples of the Sun : Directed by Barrie McLean
and Kristen Weingartner - Starring Elizabeth Suzuk, Percy Harkness . Richard, Leon Morenzie and Derek Lamb
- Blue Sunshine : Directed by Jeff Lieberman - Starring Zalman King and Deborah Waters
- Suspiria : Directed by Dario Argento - Starring Jessica Harper - Must by the goblin
- Zombie aka Zombi 2 : Directed by Lucio Fulci - Starring Tisa Farrow
- Phantom of the Paradise : Directed by Brian De Palma - Starring William Finley
* In this dvd collection video I also give my opinions on all these remakes of classic films thats are going out.
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