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The word Government is actually very trivial. In our paradigm (mass psychology) we believe that Government means Chief Power. However, the word Government comes from the word Governmente' which means Control of the Mentality or Mind in modern terms. So what is controlling the minds? This is actually the Government behind the word. They are very wealthy people. The entirety of our News sources are owned by just a handful of people. A lot of power in one persons hands.
These people are all apart of a Grand Masonic Unity. They started as far back at Ancient Egypt holding gatherings for the wealthiest of people. These gatherings were designed to compile the power outside of the government into something that could be instantly tapped into by the government itself. Each region of the world had these as they were different empires. Rome had one, Egypt had one, Persia had one, and recently the Soviet empire and the German Conquest had them.
With the ages of the Printing Press, Telegraph, Telephone, Radio, and Television these organizations realized that they had more power than their respective governments in which they belonged to. They decided on Coup De Tau, which in French means a covert overthrow of the government. The public economy is relatively hundreds of percent greater than the government in which it belongs. So these organizations bought their way into power. They controlled everything.
They built the military technologies, formed the opinions of people, and outowned the world from people. Search Google CIA World Fact book. In 1996 African nation Chad was purchased by the wealthy organizations. The votes were falsified. And again in 20 in the United States. Meanwhile many other nations were being bought or Couped.
This is how President Kennedy died. He on many occasions would address the nation on the emergency tapping that presidency has to the media. He was intent to expose the masonic orders. They began to plan an attempt on his life but needed a cover. The Soviet Cold war is what people ended up thinking when considering the assassins. The assassins were actually masonic union members from around the world. Today the masons rule 70% of the economic and militant powers of the earth. The NWO.

On Sept. 11th 1990 with the congress convened before the President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. silently presented victory for the Masons as he announced a New World Order (NWO or the changing of ownership of the worlds governments). This meant the world conforming to a new structure of government altogether. There simultaneously is occurring the entry into the Gulf War. 11 years later, Sept. 11th 2001, marked by the deciding event of our second entry into Iraq, operations for a false flag or purgerous flag attack ensued. Purgery was committed against a group of politically encompassing militant effortsmen of a middle eastern origin. They were written to be criminals before the purgery so the purgery was believed. So, on October 7th, 2001, the United States Government Issued a Declaration of War Against a concept instead of a people. This would be the called War On Terror. Amidst of which were numerousnessly the crimes of a masonic order started in Ancient Empires. The names of which are, (The Illuminati), (Der Totenkampf or Skull and Bones), (The Bohemian Grove), and many other wealthy organizations of power compilations. This can be cross referenced in any major search engine. ie. Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista. etc. -Prof. T~
All dates mentioned above are entirely accurate. There are no false statements nor statements of opinion in the preceding article. Written June 1st 2008 (4:08pm -5GMT EST).
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