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The Afghan nation have suffered for decades in one way or the other.This video is dedicated to them.
AFGHANS display pride in their religion, country, ancestry, and above all, their independence. Like other highlanders, Afghans are regarded with mingled apprehension and condescension, for their high regard for personal honor, for their clan loyalty and for their readiness to carry and use arms to settle disputes..
AFGHANISTAN - has a complex history that has survived either in its current cultures or in the form of various languages and monuments. However, many of the country's historic monuments have been damaged in recent wars.
Buzkashi is a national sport in Afghanistan. It is similar to polo and played by horsemen in two teams, each trying to grab and hold off a goat carcass. Afghan hounds (a type of running dog) also originated from Afghanistan.
classic Persian poetry plays a very important role in Afghan culture. Poetry has always been one of the major educational pillars in Afghanistan, to the level that it has integrated itself into culture. Many of the famous Persian poets of the tenth to fifteenth centuries stem from Khorasan where is now known as Afghanistan.Rabia Balkhi, Jami ,Khwaja Abdulla Ansari,Anvari,Ali sher navai, Mavlana Rumi,Unsuri Balkhi,are examples.
The eastern dialects of the Persian language are popularly known as "Dari". The name itself derives from "Pārsī-e Darbārī", meaning Persian of the royal courts. The ancient term Darī -- one of the original names of the Persian language -- was revived in the Afghan constitution of 1964, and was intended "to signify that Afghans consider their country the cradle of the language. Hence, the name Fārsī, the language of Fārs, is strictly avoided. With this point in mind, we can consider the development of Dari or Persian literature in the political entity known as AFGHANISTAN.
It is bordered on the north by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, on the extreme northeast by China, on the east and south by Pakistan, and by Iran on the west. The country is split east to west by the Hindu Kush mountain range.
*Ethnic groups:
42% Pashtun
27% Tajik
9% Hazara
9% Uzbek
4% Aimak
3% Turkmen
2% Baloch
4% other (Pashai, Nuristani, Brahui, Hindkowans, Hindustani, etc.)
36.4% Pashtun
33.6% Tajik, Farsiwan, and Qezelbash
8.0% Hazara
8.0% Uzbek
3.2% Aimak
1.6% Baloch
9.2% other
Afghans are over 99% Muslims: approximately 74-89% Sunni and 9-25% Shi'a.
There are about 30,0 to 150,0 Hindus and Sikhs living in different cities but mostly in Jalalabad, Kabul, and Kandahar.
Also, there was a small Jewish community in Afghanistan who fled the country after the 1979 Soviet invasion, and only one individual, Zablon Simintov, remains today.
Darius I and Alexander the Great were the first to use Afghanistan as the gateway to India. Islamic conquerors arrived in the 7th century, and Genghis Khan and Tamerlane followed in the 13th and 14th centuries.
For more about history of Afghanistan-Land of Khorasan you may visit
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