KASHTAN-M anti-aircraft anti-missile system Video

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Russian ANTY-TOMAHAWK system with artificial intellect (RenTV,Voennaya Tayna)
Narrator A.Prokopenko- military journalist, Commentator A.Zhukov - deputy comstructor
World's only system which has within one turret poweful artillery weapons, multiourpose missiles, radio-locating and optical radar.
Main constructor A.G.Shipunov.
fighting productivity and striking potential of missile-guns system is 2-4 times more effective then only with guns one.
Kashtam-M has better characteristics of both weapons than any analogies
The extremely high striking effect is achieved by:
1)module principle of construction - 1 command module (with own 3-coordinate target detection station "Pozitiv-EM1.2") and up to 6 fighting modules depending on ship class or land proteted area.
2)combination on 1 turret missile - gum weapon and integrated radar weapon controlling system allows to increase the precision of fighting by expeling mistakes caused by of ship hull deformations when weapons and weapon controlling system are disposed in different parts of ship, but this also provides guaranteed elimination of cruising and other missiles by shoting at long range by missiles and at short range by guns, and also to incrase the striking potencial of system in repulsing the massive missile attacks and air raids.
3) Use high-precise interactive targeting (pointing) artifitial intellect system with radio-locating MM-wave band channel -RLS and tv-optical target tracking (following) channel - TOS.
4)super-precise TOS allows to point the missle with less 1 meter accuracy at any altitude flying target. Missle has 5 meter blow radius
5)RLS by using millimeter-wave band with acceptable radar dimensions allows to point the missles at any altitude flying target with 2-3 meter accuracy.It achieved by 2 factors- narrow diagram of directivity and diffus-scattering of dispersing from surface in mm-wave band.
6)Cooperative signal processing of RLS and TOS with automatical chose of the optimal mode of operation also provides high jamming and noise protection of Kashtam-M than systems with only RLS or TOS controlling systems
7)using correlating-contrast signal processing of TOS with a memorization of target shape provides reliable target tracking (following) at any target background environment.
8) using 2 high shooting 30mm guns (GSh-6-30-K) with 6 barrels and 5 400 shots per min (phalanx - 4.7k) - 10 800 total, allows in compare to Goalkeeper(GAU-8/A - gun) reduce suppressing target volley duration for 3 times and reduse 1.5 times middle shooting range up to 300-500 meters, which increase the suppressing probability 1.5-2 times
9)operate and entire automatical regime
Fighting characteristics:
a) 1 Kashtan-M able to suppress 3-4 simultaneously
flying missiles, which is enough for middle tonnage ships. for lager ships which may expect high density of air- missile-raids 2 systems may be installed on each side.Same to land objects.
b)Kashtan-M surpasses by fighting productivity Crotale Naval for 1.5-2 times, Goalkeeper - 2.5-3 times.
Suppressing zone:
range - 1.5 - 10 km;
altitude 5 meter - 6 km
range 0.3 - 5 km
altitude 0 - 3 km
Reaction time 5-7 sec
missiles 8/32
guns 10
all-time, all-weather regieme
without ammo 7 500 kilo
total 10 0 kilo
PS:NATO armies have no even faint resemblance to such effective guns-missiles-infrared jamming-optical&radiolocating radar systems!Thats even NATO experts confirm!
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