Gundam SEED: Akatsuki no Kuruma (English Fandub) Video

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Time5 min
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Hi there! I used to be thedarknessvoid, and I'm reuploading a whole bunch of my old fandubs.
Lyrics: geekymcgeekstein
Vocals: geekymcgeekstein
Mixing: geekymcgeekstein
Calling to the wind, beneath the trees, I weep into unforgiving earth
My reflection is distorted and I cannot recognize my face
With these strings I play a melody forged in the image of a ghost
Like a shooting star, you dissapear, soon gone without a trace
"Please don't leave me now!"
Desperately I scream
Another vow tossed into a stream
Onwhich the silent orange blooms sway so aimlessly
I have saved them all,
Every memory
But now they fall to eternity
They scatter in the wind
Leaving me to strum one more 'goodbye'
One more 'farewell'
Like a little child, I long for the warmth of a hand to cling upon
But the blazing wheels of tragedy cast me aside without a care
With these strings I play a melody forged in the image of a ghost
Every note I pluck is agony, deepening my dispair
All my sorrow leaves a stain,
tainting what was pure
and free from pain, warping the allure
of orange blooms I used to watch stir in the summer breeze
Even if I lose
Every memory
I'll seek them all far across the sea
In blood-stained deserts where
every breath creates the rhythm of
So the earth still turns, and it will never cease, though we may wish it to
But, planted in my mind, an orange flower still blooms in memory of you
Waving my goodbye to a crimson sun
I spare a sigh for the things undone
For even now those orange blooms sway on a stream somewhere
And until the peace that I long to hold
Has found release from its cage of gold
Please do not let your light
Ever die away
So that the Wheel
Of Fate will turn
Tags akatsuki, anime, dub, english, fan, fandub, fiction, gundam, junction, kuruma, no, seed, yuuka

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