Z Fighters Breakdown Video

Time4 min
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This AMV is finaly done! Few guys wanted me to do this fastly so I did. Quality is good. You can decide what song is in my
next AMV! Just post me song's name and artist and I'll choose.
Anime: DragonBallZ
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Song: Breakdown
Program: Vegas 6
Editor: Saimis/Income4 (me in metacafe)
Tags: DragonBall DragonBallZ DragonBallGT DB DBZ DBGT DBAF dragonball dragonballz dragonballgt dragonballaf
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Thanks to SSJ2Reborn!
Tags action, amv, anime, cool, dbz, dragonaballgt, dragonball, dragonballz, hot, music, sayans, ssj2gohan, video

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