Jesse Hiraya's Happyslip Contest Entry Video

Time1 min
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The contest is over - I didn't win by popular vote but I was one of 3 personally selected winners by Happyslip herself. AWESOME!!
By the way, thanks all of you fans for your kind words about this video, I really appreciate it.
Video 6 of my Video-A-Week Project.
Yes I am Filipino. And yes I'm also a fan of Happyslip. Big surprise, right? So when I caught wind that she was holding a video contest, I had to get in on that.
This was an exhausting video to make! I felt like I had just ran a marathon, or at least what I imagine it must feel like.
One week of planning. Two days of shooting and some lightning fast last minute editing. About 90 percent of this movie was shot on tripod with me hoping I was getting the shots I wanted. I guess it was done in true HappySlip fashion then. ;)
TRIVIA - From 00:15 to 00:28 I spoof 8 different internet celebrities. Here are the sources, in order of appearance.
Star Wars Kid-
Numa Guy-
ngry German Kid-
Astley (Rickroll)-
Zonday (Chocolate Rain)-
ris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone)-
ne (best pally of the world) and Furious (his boyfriend)-
Dramatic Gopher-
nks to -
Dad for helping out like you always do. And for reprising your role as the Singing Guitarist.
Mom for doing Tae Bo and letting me wear your pink skirt for the video. (Also, my dad has appeared in many of my videos but this is my mom's debut!!)
Dave for helping me brainstorm.
Max for going out in the middle of the night to record the fight with me.
Roy for willfully kicking me in the groin.
Tags angry, athene, chocolate, chris, crocker, dramatic, furious, german, gopher, happy, kid, numa, rain, rickroll, slip, star, wars

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