Blue - Cowboy Bebop Video

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This video has been on here for over a year now. The thing is, the person showing it wasn't the person who owned it.
I am the sole creator and owner of this video.
I do not own the rights to Cowboy Bebop or the song Blue. Both are owned by their respective creators, publishers, ETC.
Please be courteous and do not steal this video like that other guy did. If you like it that's great, I will enable embedding and linking but don't abuse it. Thank you.
The Anime is Cowboy Bebop
The song is Blue which has apparently been done by a few different people. The only version I know of is Yoko Kanno. If this is not that version please let me know and I will edit this.
Now as for my personal feelings about this video.Cowboy Bebop is the only anime I have ever liked. This is due to the fact that is a very mature, very film noir story and while there are other anime like it, none have topped it in my eyes. I first saw the series back on its initial run on Adult Swim and I was hooked. I identified with Spike on practically every level. As I grow older I identify with him more and more. The final episode was probably the most emotional ending to a series I can recall.
I saw every episode many many times over the years and when I learned how to capture and edit video on my computer I immediately set to work to find a suitable song to do this video justice. Watching the final episode again and again for inspiration I decided what better song than Blue, one of the best songs I have ever heard, and one that I thought could do this video justice. I hope you enjoy it for what it is, my personal salute to the best Anime in existence.
~Brian Penaloza
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