Spike's Six Days Video

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Spoilers!! Probably shouldn't watch unless you've seen all of Cowboy Bebop or someone already wrecked the ending for you. Although, I didn't use that one scene that ALL Cowboy Bebop amvs seem to use.if you've seen the end you know what I'm talking about. I did use Ballad of a Fallen Angel stuff that's used a lot but.oh well. It fit really well so I couldn't avoid it.
Yet again, I have made another amv to a song no one else has ever used. I think I should get an award. Well, this one was pretty hard too, making all those fast time with the beat. WMM froze on me approximately ten times. But it was worth it. I made a frog say, 'I think there's gonna be a riot.' So it was worth it. Oh, and I found out three important things while making this:
1. Vicious is a jerkface.
2. Jet drinks Pepsi. (Huzzah!)
3. Spike drinks Coke. T_T
Maybe Spike just didn't have any Pepsi in reach.after all they do starve on the Bebop a lot.and I, too, have found myself in situations where there was no Pepsi to be found and only Coke.and I drank it. That must be it.
Why are you still reading this? It's obvious I'm crazy, so you should probably stop before you start to lose the fragile grip on sanity you have. Oh, you want to know the song and the anime, got it. Alright, I own nothing still.
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Six Days by DJ Shadow featuring Mos Def
Tags amv, anime, bebop, cowboy, days, def, dj, drift, ed, fast, faye, furious, jet, julia, mos, music, shadow, six, spike, tokyo, vicious, video

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