Cobus - post-record Jam (from the Blister Series) Video

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Laus Deo Semper.
just a quick teaser to let you guys know i'm still here ;) recorded a new series, called the Blister Series (for obvious reasons.. because i never get to practice anymore i ended up with 9 (read: NINE) blisters at the end of this series. worth it though..) and this is just a random 50sec groove session so you can get a feel for the cameras and hear what the kit was mixed like.
(i'm not completely satisfied with the mix, didn't have enough time to get it exactly like i wanted it, bassdrum doesn't have enough attack and the main snare bottom isn't loud enough, too much shell tone and not enough snare.. anyway, doesn't sound THAT bad :)
songs in this series include:
angels and airwaves - my only fear (aka call to arms)
black eyed peas - let's get it started
dave matthews band - tripping billies
red jumpsuit apparatus - face down
a thorn for every heart - things aren't so beautiful now (part II)
and i'm actually quite satisfied with how things turned out, my favorite series as of yet :) really stoked to hear what you guys think. all the tracks have been cut and the audio mastered, just the final editing needs to be finished, this will take a while, depending on how busy i am with other work. watch this space, all video's will be up in about a week..
(keep in mind, i recorded this little jam AFTER i sat down for an hour to record the whole series, so this is me BEAT and extremely tired, with hands FULL of blisters.. like i said, i never get to practice anymore so a straight hour of playing really kicked my ass)
Drums by Cobus Potgieter |
Tama Superstar Custom; in the Blue Metallic Fade
Toms TOP: Remo Powerstroke 3, Clear.
Toms BOTTOM: stock heads.
Snare TOP: Remo Emperor, Coated.
Snare BOTTOM: stock head.
Bassdrum BATTER: Remo Powerstroke 4, Clear.
Paiste PST 5 UNIVERSAL setup:
14" Hats
16" Crash
20" Ride
Secondary Crash: Sabian XS20 Medium-Thin 16" Crash
(please note the toms are tuned and equalized for RECORDING purposes, live they need to be tuned a lot more "open" to sound as good as in the recording. and yes, the kit DOES sound that good live :) i had almost NO equalising on the drums themselves, and ONLY removed some low frequencies from the overheads. basically i only levelled the mix and applied compression.)
I miced each individual drum (snare top AND bottom were miced), plus two overheads, ran this through a mixer, got a decent mix and recorded with ONLY *ONE* stereo channel.. no multitrack recorder(s) :) I compressed the final mix to HELL.. to get a more aggressive sound, to make it sit better in with the original song (and hopefully overpower the original drums), detailed compression settings: 20:1 with a threshold of -20db and a compensation gain of 15db, with both separate channels (LEFT and RIGHT, from the mixer) sent to a stereo sub-group, and the compression settings applied to THIS group, it gave a nice compact and aggressive result.. further mastering was needed to equalize the final mix and control peak levels and such, to have it fit in with the original music track.
Tags africa, afrika, blister, cobus, cover, drum, drumming, drums, jam, post, potgieter, record, series, south, suid

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