Fullmetal Alchemist Angel Song: A Tribute Video

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This AMV is very special to me since I while I was making it, I heard that my friend had died in a car wreck. What makes the moment particularlly tender is the fact that the song I had chosen (prior to the knowledge of his death)was a song he gave me. He said it was a very special song to him. *sigh* So, with a heavy heart I finished this AMV which is dedicated to him and his sister. Hope you'll enjoy it, please feel free to leave comments and ratings.
Extra Note about the video: Well, it's been a while since I made this, but I thought it high time to explain a bit about it, though I guess it's self-explanatory. Well, first of all I had originally wanted to make an AMV for this friend of mine with FMA, and I knew he loved Sarah M and loved this song. However, I want to let people know I didn't just throw random clips together (I try never to do that- worthless) Well, any FMA fan knows how Ed and Al miss their mother and it seems unfair they had to grow up so fast without the love of a mother and father at their side. So, in this video I tried to pick out the tender moments in which certain female characters showed some sort of love for Ed and Al . It really worked out well. I debated whether to use the Winry clip because Ed is upset, but the reason I kept it is because it shows how much Winry was willing to hold onto Ed because she cared. The clip with Lt.Ross was great, because even in that clip Ed thinks it's Trisha. And of course, that clip with Izumi was great for the purpose of showing that she loves those boys as if they were her own. I wanted to use the clip where Ed and Al are running to hug Trisha early on when the lyrics sang about it, but I decided to leave the best for the very end. I liked how it turned out. Also, this was one of the only times I found it approrpriate to repeat certain clips at the end. I hate repeating clips, but I really think it worked well with this video. Anyway, that's an inside look into this very popular video.
To My Viewers: Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and sympathy over this video. Thank you also for your continued support of my other videos which I hope y'all will all continue to enjoy and share with friends! I love you all!
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Tags al, alchemist, alphonse, an, angel, arms, ed, edward, elrics, full, fullmetal, metal, mother, of, sad, trisha

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