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This is my final project for my Animation studies in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
It is still a WORK IN PROGRESS and as for now I only have the entire rough animation with a bit of colored scenes. It is a bit hard to understand the plot because a lot of elemets (such as SFX) are missing. Also the music is only it's first version and a lot of changes should be done.
This is a combined project of Liron Peer (Me and I'm a woman btw!) and another guy, who dropped the project very early and therefore all you see here was mostly done by me alone.
Original Music by Assaf Rinde
As soon as I finish the project I will post it, so make sure to check it once in a while.
These are some repeating questions I keep getting from you my beloved fans, and answering:
- How long are you working and how long will it take you to finish the movie?
* Been working on it for about 2 and a half years on and off. Will need at least another year to finish it. Please be patient. I will post it in DeviantART and in YouTube the minute it's done.
- I don't know english, what will I do?
* This are no words in the movie. You don't need to understand english to understand the movie.
- Where is Bezalel located?
* In Israel, but it's not that great. Most of what you see here is due a lot of self hard work and self teaching from the best teachers in the world - Disney movies.
- What programs did you use?
* The animation was done traditionally, meaning using pencil and paper and a thing called light table to see the layers. Then I scanned everything and cleaned up in painter, colored in Photoshop and edited in CTP and Premiere.
- I didn't get entire the plot??
* This is a work in progress and a lot of elements (such as special effects) are missing, so it's kinda hard to get the plot. Here are some plot details I answered: ".his dad was killed by that beast, but before he died he managed to hit the beast. the mom was frozen by accident. lady ice can't control her powers, she doesn't even know at first that she kills everyone around her". ".The boy was left behind and the beast didn't die. the boy doesn't know that the beast killed his father and as they were the only ones left they survived together and became friends. The boy gave the beast love and friendship that the queen never gave him. But in the end the beast was still loyal to his master and protected her." ".The beast kills the father and the father hurts the beast. The queen kills the mother (accidentally freezing her) and 20 years later the queen falls in love with the son".
- This is really going to be a real movie??
* Not a full length movie.. What you see here, all colored with finished music and effects.
- I love the way Lady Ice's (is that her name or the name of the film?) hair flows all the time.
* Yes, that's her name. and her hair changes all the time just like nature. never the same and yet in an endless cycle.
- How you do color the frames?
* First, I use photoshop to cleanup the rough animation. I create the clean lines in a transparent layer and they are in black. Make sure the lines are in one layer and the filling color you will color is in a different layer, beneath the lines layer. The color and line layers should be transparent. Beneath the color layer there should be another layer, that is ALL white. So you have 2 layers, right? From top to bottom - Lines, color and white.
Now. Stand on the color layer and choose the bucket tool. In the tool bar above you should see "all layers". Mark it in V. In the Tolerance it should be 100-150. I start with 150 and go down if need, I will explain soon. Then just click with the bucket on the areas you want to color and ta-da, it fills it!
How does it work? when you choose all layers, the bucket can color on a layer that has no lines/limitation to the area using THE LINES from the LAYER ABOVE! And the number you put (the 150) will spread the filling a little bit more than the limitation of the lines, thus avoiding this annoying white thingy. Now the number depends on how your lines are closed! so if you use the bucket and it fills the whole screen, just put a lower number and try again. That's the best way and faster way I know, and this is how I color my movies.
If you want to color the lines is different color than black, just create a mask from that layer and this way no matter where you color with the brush, it will only color the lines, because of the mask.
- Did you draw all this yourself?
* Yes, every frame you see here! By hand! No computer cheating.
- Do you work for Disney?
* No, I wish I had and that's my goal in life. If you happen to have any connections that might help me, please let me know!
I hope that will answer most of you questions. Of course feel free to write to me any comment/question you have and I'd gladly reply to you.
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