DW Animation-Western Show In Mario World-Diao Chan Version Video

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Dynasty warriors 6 (真・三國無双5) Animation Based On Western Show on Super Mario World (スーパーマリオでウエスタン ショー)
Western Show on Super Mario World is animation created by Hyadain using character in Super Mario like Mario, Bowser Koopa,Peach princess, & Luigi.
In the video Mario and Bowser Koppa Fight to get Princess Peach, but Peach doesn't want with both of them. Luigi comes join but get lost by Mario and Bowser Koppa
In the last scene of this vid Peach go with Mario.
Original Mario Video:
riginal Title:
Original Description:
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Casting and Character Appeared
-Lu Bu as Mario
-Dong Zhuo as Bowser Koopa
-Diao Chan as Peach princess
-Zhang liao as Luigi
-Chen Gong as Yoshi
-Zhou Yu
-Cao Pi
Western Show on Super Mario World
by Hyadain
Lyrics (English Translation):
-Lu Bu:
Hey Bowner Koopa, give up Princess Peach
You're too persistent. She's tired Of You
-Dong Zhuo:
Don't tell a lie. I know your evil mind
I'm the only man of her destiny
-Diao Chan
Please stop arguing, both of you.
Look at your faces in the mirror.
-Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo:
Don't say that 'Cause we fight with our heart'
-Dong Zhuo:
My sweetest peach girl, I do love you.
Be my girl, or i abduct and conline you again
-Lu Bu:
I'll risk my life to rescue you. But your heart doesn't rescue me
-Diao Chan:
Don't talk to me.
Im tired of you both
-Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo:
Hey lovely! She is so Tsundere
'we fight with our heart'
-Zhang Liao
I'm Luigi. Don't forget me. Here come I, Luigi.
Thank you for waiting
-Dong Zhuo:
KY, KY,read between the lines
-Lu Bu:
I Stomp you If you get carried away.
-Diao Chan:
I'm enough with one mushroom eater.
Don't act like a lead actor, Luigi. Know your place.
-Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo:
We look Third-Class looking.
But We Fight With our heart.
-Diao Chan:
Please fight with your face.
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