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Yes, I'm aware that Avatar is on a permanent hiatus right now. But we can dream. Below is the. somewhat original description. I think I had one before listing possible airdates that turned out to be wrong. So yes. *8/12/08
Yup, so, disregard everything you read in this video. Avatar's not coming back till July. Enjoy the rest of your hiatus.
The Five Stages of Avatar Episode Denial Grief
The stages are:
Denial: "It can't be happening. Nick can't do this to us again."
Anger: "Why us? It's not fair. SpongeBob fans don't know how freakin' lucky they are."
Bargaining: "Just let Avatar last long enough for us to see the rest of S3. Please Avatar gods help us."
Depression: "I'm so depressed, why bother with anything? I give up on Avatar."
Acceptance: "It's going to be OK. The episodes have to air sometime or I can buy the DVDs."
*Thanks Lisa31468!!
This is my "Back From Hiatus!" Trailer, for lack of a better word (if anyone has a more clever title, don't hesitate to suggest).
I made this entire thing in 4 days. Seriously. Check my iTunes purchase list, I bought this song on Wednesday! I honestly couldn't stop. It followed me everywhere, it drove to school with me, it ate lunch with me, it haunted my dreams! So, I figured, might as well finish it. I think it's pretty cool. Although, the song is eerily similar to one Shockerz used in his series fan trailer. but I'm 99.4% sure they're completely separate songs. We'll call it payback for the request he made that almost killed me. ; )
Enjoy, rate, and comment!!
Since I believe my honors will be gone tomorrow:
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Song: Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus (with help from random other instrumentals, none significant enough for me to expose my findings).
Song Edited?: Um, yeah.
Completion Time: 29 hours. yeah that's about 7 hours a day.
Program Used: Sony Vegas 7.0
I discredit all video and audio used here, Avatar The Last Airbender belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom.
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