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Spoilers for Boiling Rock, obviously, although I did try not to give away much of the key stuff, you know, like GOOD movie trailers are supposed to.ugh.
Yeah, so I totally made this in a day. How about that! I guess I can't say it took be 20+ hours now, cuz it didn't. I even went out to lunch and saw a movie. and yet here it is, completed on my computer and just asking to be uploaded. Your wish is my command, oh computer lord.
So, Boiling Rock pts. 1 and 2 pretty much rule all. I absolutely loved them. so unexpected!! But amazingly cool! Mai is clearly the woman of the hour, hence why she gets the final shot and production still. I've always liked her, but she just jumped up 10 Raven points in my book. Geez. Still can't quite believe the end of that episode!! Boiling Rock should be changed to have the title "The Power of the Non-Benders" because really. you've got Sokka, Suki, Mai, and Ty Lee who all completely OWNED in this episode! You don't need the "gift" to be awesome. :)
I know I only introduced 4 characters in this one, but the music only allowed for 4. But really, when you think about this episode, which 4 characters first come to mind? I rest my case.
But yeah guys, BUY THE DVD ON MAY 6TH! For real! Avatar seriously needs our support here. Why else would Nick sell a DVD with unaired episodes? IT'S A TEST. It's a marketing strategy that could make or break the possibility of future Avatar seasons and the live action movie in 2010. For all that is good and holy, BUY THE DVD. Buy 2 DVDs. Just help out the cause, because with this most recent leak Avatar sure does need it.
Enjoy, rate, and comment!
Song: Forest Chase by Corner Stone Cues. with other stuff as usual.
Completion Time: Umm. 11ish hours?
Programs Used: Sony Vegas 7.0
As always, Avatar belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom. I hope you appreciate the free publicity.
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