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How much awesomeness can I fit into under two minutes of screentime? Quite a bit actually.
This is me getting psyched up for September and a whole new season of amazing, by compiling clips of everything I love about Avatar, the action, the emotion, the passion!! Unfortunately, due to time constaints to finish and upload this video, I had to steal the song from a very good friend of mine, brilliantlygreen, whose Avatar Preview video completely inspired this one.
And, as an added bonus, after watching both seasons over again with my friend (who is now addicted, ha!), I found a whole bunch of awesome clips I previously forgot about! Woo! And I thought I'd put some cool Jet clips in this too, since he really deserves it, after all the times I've showed him getting completely pwned by Katara.
Also, I'm very sorry for the lack of original effects in this one. I was a slave to the beat of the song, and if I added effects to each of those hits like I wanted to, it would be over before you could recognize what the clip was showing. Still, I planned to lower the effect-o-meter a little on this one anyway, since I wanted to emphasize the untainted brilliance of Avatar. Kinda failed at the no-effect thing, but ya know. there's only so much I can take.
This will be my last video until well into season 3, Avatarians, unless I get such a dawning of inspiration that it just can't wait. But, until then.
Enjoy, rate, and comment! ; )
Song: Nara by E.S. Posthumus
Song Edited? : Of course!
Completion Time: 34 hours.
Programs used: Sony Vegas Platinum and
Paint Shop Pro 7.
This video was inspired by a video by brilliantlygreen on livevideo.com. Check out her channel there!
I discredit all ownership of the clips and audio featured in this video. Avatar belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom.
Tags aang, airbender, avatar, katara, last, music, nara, season, sokka, summary, the, toph, video, zuko

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