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*ADD &fmt=18 TO THE END OF THE URL. Not even kidding. This is a high-def video file and I simply will not stand for people complaining about the quality when it's absolutely flawless under the correct url.
That said, I hope you enjoy this. I found the song a while ago on a video about the US Olympics teams, and I fell in love with it. With all the music by this company, actually. They're pretty awesome. Unfortunately, like Audio Machine, you CANNOT get their music anywhere. Even limewire gave me a hard time.
There are two incredibly awesome instrumental versions of this song. I previewed them both for my Avatar-watching friend who shares my love for orchestrated pieces, and she told me to use the "no guitar" version that relied entirely on violins because it had more emotion in it. I am so grateful for her opinion sometimes. she was absolutely right. Now, I prefer this version over the one I had planned to use originally. Thank you, Emmy!
This is a trailer-esque. thing. It has no talking, no lyrics either, I like it this way because it gives you a chance to hear the true power of the music. Remember that, young AMV makers: make your music work for YOU.
(Anyone who can name the trailer "And this will all make sense in the end" is referencing gets a Raven cookie).
** F1987RETURNS named the trailer, Magnolia (19) ! In my opinion, the trailer for the film Magnolia is one of the most perfectly crafted movie advertisments I've ever seen. The way it introduces the characters is also not dissimilar from how I chose to do it in this video. Hooray for Magnolia and F1987RETURNS!!
And MUCH love to avatar-shrey on deviantart for making this: r-shrey.deviantart.com/art/Ravenhpltc24-Stamp-1033287
And for the end shot: rina-boy.deviantart.com/art/AIRBENDER-17702378
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Enjoy, rate, and comment!
Song: New Beginnings (no guitar) by Future World Music.
Completion Time: 31 hours.
Programs Used: Sony Vegas 7.0 (fear the power of screenshots!)
Avatar belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom.
Tags airbender, avatar, beginnings, future, last, music, new, series, the, tribute, video, world

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