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IM BACK! hey fans im back well i didn't really leave but i haven't been makin amv's for a long time so here's a vid i made im very sorry to my fans about taking so long for a vid.
It's been about a 2 months since i've made an amv so i've finally finished it.The song is "With me" its a half sad/slow and rock song so i had fun doing the rock parts. The video is based and about is the 4 elements group which consist of Aang, Katara, Toph and Zuko.
I didn't really like Sokka as much in the videos since he didn't have many fight scenes so it was just the four bending people(But i still love sokka). The video is mostly about the group's time together, what there been through, there hardships and the happy and sad memories (even though zuko just joined) and that their nothing without each other. I couldn't find alot of clips of them together so theres alot clips of aang with the other 3 but its still about the group.
And for more of my videos to come out please send me more amv requests i really don't no what songs to use.
So anyways Rate, Comment, Suscribe and most importantly ENJOY!
Song: With Me
Artist: Sum 41
Intro Song:Worth Dying For
Artist:Rise Against
Completition time: Started 17/3/08, Finished 17/4/08
Programs Used: Sony vegas 7.0, Windows movie maker 6.0
Show: Avatar The Last Airbender
1st Flutegeek1106's Avatar Amv Contest(Round 5)
2nd ShadowDevyn's Amv Contest(Round 14)
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan made avatar video it is officaly owned by nickelodeon, the makers of avatar Micheal Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko and the song by Sum 41. I have made this fan video to show how much i love to make avatar videos. It is no association with viacom or anything it is purely fan made.
Episode's used in book 3:
Chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13. The awakening,headband,painted lady,sokka's master,beach,avatar and firelord ,runaway, puppetmaster,nightmares and daydreams,day of black sun invasion,day of black sun eclipse,western air temple,firebending masters.
Tags 41, aang, airbender, avatar, book, earth, fire, kataang, katar, last, me, music, sum, the, toph, video, water, with, zuko, zutara

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