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I did not make this video. I was given it by Naztradamix and the video was not here anymore but it was realy good and it needed be back out there for everyone to see becasue it is the best avatar AMV ever. And just so that it doesn't get deleted i must say that i don't own avatar, all the credit for making this AMV goes to Naztradamix(for more videos and stuff by Naztradamix goto, and all the clips used to make this AMV are from Avatar The Last Airbender on Nickolodean. And I don't see how whoever deletes this can take offence to it seeing as it is free advetisment for them cause all that's happening is that people are showing others how great Avatar is and then people go out and want to spend money on avatar stuff and then the big avatar company or who ever gets money. So don't delete it please. an to anyone who cares the A in AMV could mean whatever you want (Anime, Animation or even Avatar. though i know officialy it stands for Anime) i word made from a seires of initials could stand for lots of different things.
Tags amv, avatar, best, chance, ever, naztradamix, the, uverworld, uverworld_chance

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