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Another popular video that I made not too long ago. in May I think. This is my all-action vid, highlighting each of my favorite Avatar battles. You'll see what I mean.
This is my ultimate good vs. evil vid. Hope the beginning makes that clear! Enjoy, rate, and comment!! : )
My favorites battles (portrayed in this video):
1. Azula vs. Aang in The Drill (Azula pwns)
2. Zuko vs. Katara in SotN (first time with fire vs. water!)
3. Katara vs. Mai in Return to Omashu (the knives go right at her eye and she DOESN'T EVEN FLINCH)
4. Toph vs. Earthbenders in The Blind Bandit
5. Zuko vs. Random Guys in Zuko Alone
6. The whole Crossroads of Destiny battle, it just rocks.
Note: their eyes turn red when they're gonna kill sumthin (figuratively of course, since nothing is ACTUALLY killed on Avatar.except Jet.)
Also, I recommend watching a bit of Mysterious Ways and then watching this one. It's kinda funny. It's like a before and after typed deal.
Song: It's My Life by Jon Bon Jovi
Song Edited?: Ho ya.
Completion Time: about 40 hours.
Programs Used: Paint Shop Pro 7 and Sony Vegas 7.0
I discredit all ownership of the clips and audio featured in this video. Avatar belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom.
Tags aang, action, avatar, azula, battles, bon, drill, it's, jon, jovi, katara, life, my, north, of, siege, the, toph, zuko

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