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For the first time, my new video is available to youtubers at the same time it is available to livevideo peeps. : ) But for some reason the sound quality seems to be a bit worse here.
This video is not a trailer, but more of an introduction and brief explanation of the core 8. It was previously the core 5, but we have three new inductees! Mai, Ty Lee, and Sokka! In order to be a core character, one must:
a) Be present in 5 episodes or more.
b) Have a sizable quantity of good fighting clips.
c) Have significant character development with opportunities to expand the his/her identity.
So, they shall now receive significant screentime and character quotes. Congrats, you three!
Anyway, that's all I have for now. Enjoy this marvelous new addition to the Avatar fan-video collection. : D
.and rate and comment. ; )
Here's the reason this video exists:
Song: Numb/Encore (Instrumental, woo!) by Jay Z and Linkin Park
Song Edited?: Only a teeny teeny bit!
Completion Time: This is better described in days than hours. 3 days, 4 hours. Do the math and cry for the many failing grades I've received for neglecting schoolwork.
Update: Some people have been asking why this video took so much longer than my other ones. Simply put, there are many versions of this video that I tried before settling on this one. Not all of them are saved, but I went in LOTS of different directions, between quotes and action scenes and actually describing plot points. Either way, this is the final product. Just thought I'd clarify. I'm not THAT slow!
I discredit all ownership of the clips and audio featured in this video. Avatar belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom.
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