The New World Order Is Not New (The Capitalist Conspiracy) Video

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The New World Order is not new as these compiled clips from The Capitalist Conspiracy show us. This 40 year old filmstrip presentation by G. Edward Griffin is only one of many films uncovering some of the real history of the Shadow Government of bankers behind most countries governments.
They want to enslave us within a
global government martial state
with a cashless monetary system.
We will all be micro-chipped
if the elite have their way.
Resist! Say No!
No more Centralised Bank(Federal Reserve) or IRS
No North American Union
No NASCO Super Highway
No more NSA or CIA
No RFID Chips in humans or on their Identification
No National ID
No National Police Force
Stop using the military as police
No more chemtrails!
Restore the U.S. Constitution
especially Habeas Corpus
Act Now Sheeple, before it is too late!
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