The Runaway Found Series Premiere - Sometimes They Come Back Video

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This is the series premiere of The Runaway Found. A crossover series between "Supernatural" and "One Tree Hill". This series will be based around the lives of four people, two teenagers (Haley and Brooke) and two people trying to find their way, and trying to save others (Sam and Dean).
Nathan and Lucas live together - with Dan and Karen. Lucas is Deb's son, Nathan is Karen's. Deb runs Karen's Cafe, while Karen is only there part of the time. Haley is Deb and Keith's daughter. Haley and Dean have met before, which this episode is based around.
This episode starts off with Dean and Sam at a bar. Ever since they left Haley in Tree Hill Dean has been hooking up with random girls knowing that they'll always leave, so what's the point? While talking to Sam, he tells him about a girl that's playing a local club in Tree Hill, who just happens to be Haley James. Sam tells Dean they should go, Dean refuses.
In the morning, Dean's asleep in the car and he dreams about Haley. When he told her he first had to go. He had been avoiding her calls and when he went to see her that night, Haley was calling him once more. Dean tells her that he has to leave with Sam, and that it's something he has to do and he'll hope she'll understand. While Haley, wonders what he's talking about and doesn't want him to leave. Dean tells Haley that he's sorry, when he really wants to tell her that he loves her but can't. Haley tells him she loves him and they kiss goodbye. Dean promises he'll come back for her.
While Dean is still asleep, Sam comes by the car and honks the horn, waking him up. Sam comes in the car and announces that they're going to Tree Hill - Dean, once again, refuses.
Back at a job they were able to find while they stayed in town a little while longer trying to figure things out after their father's death, Dean is fixing up his car while Sam hands him his cell phone. Dean takes it and listens in on Haley's message, from a week ago that he never bothered to check. Dean gives it back to Sam, telling him to mind his own business.
While back at Tree Hill, Haley comes to the Cafe to ask for her job back, after coming home from a tour. Her mother (Debra James-Scott) had asked her back, and tells Haley of course she can. While cleaning up a table, she could swear she saw Dean and Sam walking into a motel, but ignores the thought.
Later on, Haley and Nathan talk about their relationship. While they're talking, Dean (on his way to see Haley) sees them and stops.
Back at home, Haley is finishing off her homework while she remembers first playing in front of Dean. (Please ignore the fact that Dean is speaking, I couldn't find any good clips haha)
The next day Brooke comes to the Cafe and talks to Haley, her best friend, about her relationship with Lucas, Nathan's brother. Brooke tells her she doesn't know what to do, and doesn't feel like they're going anywhere. Haley tells Brooke to do what's right and don't keep stringing him along if you don't want what he wants.
Outside the Cafe, Dean and Sam are sitting near the corner of the street, Sam waiting for Dean to walk back in there while they look through his music collection. Sam finds a tape marked "When The Stars Go Blue" and Dean takes it from Sam, knowing it's Haley's song. Then remembers when he went to visit her on tour, leaving her flowers afterwards.
Back at Brooke's place, Lucas and Brooke are talking and Lucas tells her he loves her, while Brooke just smiles, not knowing what else to say.
Nathan asks to stay with Haley for the night, and Haley agrees and the two spend their first night together.
While Dean goes to Haley house, he encounters her father who warns him that if he has plans to hurt his daughter again, then he'll wish he were dead. Dean tells Keith that he never meant to hurt her, and he'll never do it again. Later, Keith tells Karen what happened over a cup of coffee. Keith and Deb are in the middle of a divorce - because of the affair between Keith and Karen. Dan doesn't know.
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