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Now I'll try to explain what this video means to me:
THE FIRST PART of this video expresses with images something which took place in Spain. But, even if it is far from you, don´t close your eyes, cause it happened before and, if we don´t learn the lesson, it can happen again, this time, near your home.
This is what happened with a few words:
"Everything started with an anonymous boat (Prestige) which was transporting fuel-oil in the middle of a rough weather near Fisterra, in Galicia (Spain).
Due to that weather, avarice and bad luck, that boat, which shouldn't have sailed, breaks and that's the beginning of a terrible tragedy.
It was in 2002, on November 13th.
THE BLACK TIDE caused a big ecological catastrophe.
Tens of birds, invertebrates, fishes and marine mammalians were affected, among other consequences.
And the effects will still be visible in 15-20 years.
But THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE JOINED THEIR STRENGTHS to contribute to decontaminate all those places affected. The human tide.
(Source: renostrum.org/ecologia/medio_ambiente/prestige/)
I live in the North of Spain.
I saw everything on TV news. And though some images were shattering. I think they didn´t affect to me in that moment in a strong way; cause when I switched off the TV , I continued with my life. I was safe at home.
It was the next summer when I realized that at that time I WAS BLIND.
In my village I had a favourite place.
I loved to take a sit on the rocks, and stay there, just looking at the sea, hearing the waves with my eyes closed.
And, when I arrived there that summer, and I saw those black spots on the rocks. I understood everything: before, I couldn´t see beyond. But now I do.
The truth is that we are egoist by nature. And we are blind, we are deaf, we don´t understand till the problem is in front of us. And even then, we just try to hide ourselves.
So I want to give you all the opportunity of being able to see beyond before it is too late.
And we all must learn as well the importance of staying always united.
Cause it is true as well that, whenever there's a war, an ecological catastrophe, a disaster as the tsunami. we always can see people joining their efforts. and that's the key.
THE SECOND PART was inspired by the lyric of this beautiful basque song: "Txoria txori":
"Si le hubiera cortado las alas
habría sido mío,
no habria escapado.
Pero así,
habría dejado de ser pájaro.
Y yo.
yo lo que amaba era un pájaro."
This song talks about freedom; and what this word involves.
Have you ever said or heard: "I would like to be free, as a bird?".
And, after those images, do you still think that birds live in total freedom just because they can spread their magic wings and fly far away?.
Maybe it is this way when they are in their natural habitat. But when man arrives there, most of the times everything changes.
THE THIRD AND LAST PART talks by itself.
I've tried to symbolize FREEDOM.
Birds flying high in the sky; but in our sky, without fear.Why should they get away to reach that freedom?.
They don´t fly to escape from our hands.
They fly knowing that they can live among us, cause one day we will respect their freedom, as they have always respected ours.
When I was making this video, I felt something inside of me.
But, after watching it many times, it seems that now, I only see one image after the other one, as if this is not real.
It seems that my body, my eyes. are now accustomed to see these images. And now they don´t affect me as before.
Cause nowadays, good news are what seem to be the unusual things.
Am I a worst person because of this?.
How can our bodies become immune against these cruelties?.
What do you think about it?.
I would like to know what you felt while you were watching it for the first time.
I talk about every being on the face of the earth which suffers unfairly.
Tags euskadi, euskera, freedom, itoiz, laboa, mikel, txoria, xoriek

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