Commander Zilyana (Solo Guide) W/Hilt Drop Video

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This video shows my personal method of soloing the Saradomin GW Commander, Zilyana.
New Inventory as of July 9th:
New Inventory as of July 24th:
New Inventory as of October 16th:
New Inventory as of October 20th:
Using this method, I am able to do seven to ten kills a run.
*Important Side Notes*
1. North-West wall is the safe spot from Starlight. Running besides this wall each time around the room will cause him to lose focus on attacking as long as you remain by the wall.
2. South-East wall is the safe spot from Bree.
Pictures safe spots (Imageshack) =
(Blue Spot/line) = Starlight)
(Red Spot/line) = Bree)
3. Make sure your Auto Retaliate is off!
Q. "What do you do after each kill?"
A. I run to the South-east wall and kill starlight. I then repot Brews, Restores, and my run energy.
Q. "What is the minimum range level recommended?"
A. 90+ -- However, I have seen friends do it with less, it will simply take longer.
Q. "When do you change from Ruby (E) bolts to Diamond (E)?"
A. I switch when I am able to hit higher with my diamond (e) special than I could with Blood forfeit (saves brews).
Q. "Why the shark?
A. It is for emergency situations if you are distracted, have a lag spike, or are simply being lazy =P.
Soloing Zilyana is not near as bad, or hard, as some may think/say. It is actually really fun! If this will be your first time, you may want to have a friend there (70+ prayer) in case of death, or simply go there with less gear to get the "feel" for how it is done.
I will try to answer any/all questions asked, so feel free!
~~Good luck!~~ If you have a minute, why not rate the video?

0:00 to 0:39 - "Lux Aeterna" (Requiem for a Dream)/(Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet)
0:39 to 1:45 - "Joukigen" (Rozen Maiden)
1:56 to 5:51 - "I So Hate Consequences" (Relient K)
Please note, I *do not* own, nor claim to own, RuneScape. Runescape is property of Jagex Ltd ( This video is intended for teaching purposes only and will not profit me in any way, shape, or form.
Tags commander, dungeon, god, godwars, guide, gw, hilt, restinpie02, runescape, sara, saradomin, solo, wars, zilyana

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