Ever OSL 2008 Finals - July vs Best - Set 4+5 Video

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EVER 2008 OSL Finals
Commentary by Moletrap, Klazart, and Cholera
Game 4:
July - purple Z 5
BeSt - blue P 10
Map: Hwarangdo
Game 5:
July - orange Z 7
BeSt - teal P 2
Map: Othello
Winner Interview:
- You obtained the Golden Mouse by winning 3 finals
▲I have previously states in my previous interviews that with wins comes the Golden Mouse. I have not tried to win in order to obtain the golden mouse. It is actually the same thing but I believe the meaning is different. Anyways I tried my best and I am happy that I won.
-You showed very fear some all-in strategies
▲My belief in best of 5 series is not skill but your mind. That is why I 5-pooled in my first game. I have lost 0:3 in my 2 previous finals through all-in strategies by the opponents. Because of those attacks I remember I was unable to focus. That is why I used it against my opponents this time
- You showed very strong match ups against protoss
▲Because I am a zerg player I believe I am strong against Protoss. I have always been strong against protoss. Although I said I was confident in winning 3:0 I really wasn't (laughs). I believe I am strong against protoss because of my confidence.
-In your 3rd match Andromeda weren't you at a disadvantage?
▲I was not really at a disadvantage. I was able to kill corsairs easily with scourages. I just patrolled my scourages but the corsairs suicided into my scourage. If the protoss has many corsairs it is hard to defeat them. I made many more scourages since corsairs are scarier than reavers.
-You attempted a drone-drill in game 2
▲I prepared for game 1 and 3 and did not really prepare for game 2,4, or 5. I lost too many times in maps for game 2,4, and 5. In game 2 of Best vs Luxury, Best's build was very weak towards the drone drill. This is why I used the strategy.
-During your stay in SK Telecom your record against best was 5:5
▲During that time the 5:5 record would be the result of normal games. If Best played if it were normal games today, I probably would not have won easily. However, today was the Finals where mind-control was very important, which is the reason why I believe I won.
-Because of your 2 waivers, you had a rough time.
▲There were many unfortunate events. I thought of quitting programming at an early age. However, my parents told me "It isn't the time yet, try a bit more". After moving to STX, the coaches and the players treated me very well. I quickly befriended my teammates and played numerous games with them. STX is a very nice, the coaching staff isn't bad as the rumors. I think my personality fits with the team.
-People say you were lucky with the lack of terrans in this season
▲To tell you the truth I think I really was lucky. To be a zerg and not meet any terrans is already accomplishing half of your goals. However, to the people who believe I won the OSL because of luck is like insulting the players I have beaten. The players I have beater were players who have beaten terran players. To insult me is like insulting the players I have beaten. I still think that I was lucky.
-You have good jinx of winning when it is hot
▲I play well when my hand is sweating. That is why I turn off the air-conditioner in the booth when I play. Because my play is better when it is hot, I believe my records are better too during the summer. I was able to win during the month of July(laughs)
-You are the first STX member to win
▲STX does not pressure me on bit. They tell me to relax and play like how I always play. Since the 3 months I been in the team, they have not pressured me one bit. They have not forced me to play, and all my practices were voluntarily. This also helps me to become a better player.
-Your next season's goal
▲Confidence is always the best. However if you lose horribly after winning, it becomes a troublesome situation. First, I want to beat a lot of terran players. In the next selection, I would like to pick the strongest terran. However, I cannot pick my teammate Hwasin. I have lost too many times to Hwasin, and his TvZ match-up is too good.
-Your last words
▲My next goal is to win tomorrows Proleague playoff game. I will practice harder to win the proleague and also try to win next season's OSL. Although I have won, I do not think I am the best. It is different from what I previously thought. I believe I have more to learn and try to win next season. I will be perfect if I win next season. My ultimate goal is to be recognized with players such Boxer and NaDa.
Translated by SiZ.FaNtAsY of Teamliquid.net, thank you!
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