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Jimi was being interviewed by a guy from BEAT MAGAZINE, suddenly Eric walked in..so Chrissie introduced him to Jimi-even though both Clapton and Hendrix were recluses. They admired each other.
Jimi and Eric clasped both hands across the table,holding each other's hands, they drank and drank liquor(hand in hand)..they got stoned.The reporter ended up getting stoned also..everybody was drunk.
The conversation: "Do you expect to do this for the rest of your life in the same place?"Jimi asks. ".if i got a gig doing 500pounds a week,and i got bored,I'm gonna quit it,man, and go onto something else..
I want to see the South Pole..I want to see the North Pole,Iwant to see Moscow, you know. I want to witness a slight bit of pain of what i hear about"."I don't want propoganda,or to be hurt by it,
I want to witness hurt for at least a minute or two". Now Clapton said "to witness it man, for months and really die, you know-that's the way i'd die a million times". Jimi came in and said to Clapton, "well over a million
times walking through London",.i look at girls.you fall in love a thousand times a day". The reporter said, "this is an immediate hang-up". To which Jimi said, "There's no pain in falling in love for a second or even three minutes.it's so good to indulge the beauty of a girl you've never seen before." Someone asks him "What happens when you meet them?"
Jimi responds: "I'm not talking about meeting them, i'm talking about seeing them." Then Chrissie (the girl) says into the microphone."Am i here?" Everyone laughs as Jimi says "Don't be stupid, you're here".
Then Jimi says "That's the voice of Christine,lovely Christine. Then out of nowhere, Jimi murmered..".I find out-evenwhen i get sober-I find out that i tell more of the truth on my ownself, than when sbr
Clapton: "I have a kind of idea that money is kinda necessary". The song "HIGHWAY CHILE" comes up over the speaker in the background..Jimi paused and said.."just in case anybody can hear the guitar in the background, that's me playing-starving(laughter). Anyway,getting right back, you can't let money rule,you have to rule money:the way you want to use it.
Then Jimi went on a long rap about Christine..saying how beautiful she is and how her mind is together. Then said" I don't want to get caught up to her,actually, you know.It's not that i'm hoggish, but i want to have this freedom feeling regardless of what comes to me,good or bad,. I want to be with her all the time,possibly,.But man,i might get stoned completely out my mind(laughter)
you know.Completely. And then also i might go into this funny other bag that she might not understand." Lots of laughter. Jimi jeers.."Make love to him, yeah".
Jimi: "There you go making love to fairies with plastic names (laughter).I'm so happy now, i kissed Eric Clapton, I kissed him.I kissed the fairest soul brother of England". Clapton laughs, along with the others.
The reporter asks: "Do you think about what's gonna happen when you guys turned 45yrs?". Clapton says "Yeah, of course not". Jimi kids Eric about "not having money in the bank", at 45yrs. They all laughed..
Clapton: "It's a sick thing, for a young guy to be worried about being an old guy. Because sooner or later you're just going to say to yourself-right?-I'm not young anymore and you'll say that simply because you don't think that you were done when you were young. Then you're gonna set up some values..and you'll be an old man..and all you're gonna do, man,is croak."
"So Jimi, you just grow a new set of plastic wings", someone says. Clapton says:"That's what destroys me-how to put on real wings now.Because i don't like flying with plastic wings."
Jimi speaks: ".Let's say, OK, you only hung up about memories, but the things you're doing now,that's the only way you can live is for now.By the time you get to be an old man,just like you said,man,your,life changes".
Jimi says: "Your life changes, and you might get different ideas. But you start then,man". Someone asks Jimi if he has any plans for the future,saying, "You're not going to go on making this bread forever".
Jimi responds: "Oh well, quite naturally.I'll be very surprised..plus i'll be happy if it lasts this winter,you know. And then get maybe,try my best to get real estate and maybe get a few clubs and Manage a few groups that have creative ideas and minds. And not plastic wings.I don't like for money to tie me down no kinda way, you know. I don't like anything to tie me down.
"They always ask, you know, this is the longest i've ever lived in any one place in 5 or 6yrs-in England. For 6mths, you know,. And they always asks,'Well,why do you like to move on a lot?'
'Well, do you like to move on a lot?' You know-cause i don't like nothing to tie me down. I don't like to depend on anything actually. But you have to sometimes.
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