SRO: Vengeance (Part1) Video

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Act 1: Kahn's Findings
It's been over a week and Master Wong, havn't seen the two hunters he ordered to hunt down he sends Kahn to look for them..Kahn returns and informs Master Wong that they have been killed..Master Wong then take matters into his own hands and heads for Donwhang to seek aid from the Hunter Head Master.
Act 2: Maybe I'm a Lion
Embodiment has been in donwhang for over 2 weeks, she still havn't gotten any information on her target (Hunter Head Master)..then she spots a trader then begins to compare the way she thieves to the way a lion would hunt it's prey..after killing she take the loot and return to the rebel thief hideout.
Act 3: The Mystery
During Embodiment two weeks in Donwhang she was able to team up with a gang of rebel thieves. The Rebel thieves are lead by "Rikku" who is very impressed with the way Embodiment has been stealing goodies..They find out that, Embodiment is infact one of the most wanted thieves with a bounty of 200 million. The Mystery of what she done to get such a high bounty drives them into saying the most redundant things..which Embodiment doesn't find funny at all.
Act 4: The Stage is Set
Some of Rikku rebel thieves, spotted two groups of hunters they looked like they was trying to flank around their hideout. Embodiment then finds out that one of the group leader is no other then Master Wong, she then tells the rebels that they cann't let the two groups join forces they must attack each group at the same time. Rikku then order her rebels to aid, Embodiment in the fight in the Oasis, while she handle other group of hunters.
Act 5. The Rumble In the Oasis
Embodiment, knows Master Wong is trying to lore her out of hiding..and she walks right into his trap attacking with full force. During the fight, Master Wong tells Embodiment that she killed his students (Lulu, Rich) and that she will pay for that with her life. Embodiment begins to ask about the Hunter Head Master, he tells her that the Head Master was a member of the Thief Council..Embodiment then begans to think that the only people that could give her the infomation she needs on the "Hunter Head Master" is the Thief Council..after killing Master Wong she heads off to the Council.
Act 6: Something I need to Do!
As she is leaving the rebel hideout, Rikku stops her and ask her why she is leaving.. Embodiment tells her that there is something she must do.
(End of Part1)
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