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This video is a reminder of where we currently stand with regard to the "Liberation of Iraq", the reasons for invading Iraq, and the unjustifiable chaos, disorder and destruction that we've imposed on the people of that country for the last 6 years. This video takes a brief look at the Iraq situation from a British as well as an American perspective.
The Bush administration gained all the political points it could by blurring the lines between Iraq and 9/11, allowing people to actually believe that Saddam was involved with 9/11. Bush and Cheney blatantly told us that Saddam was linked to 9/11, then when they were later questioned about it, they claimed they actually meant Saddam was linked to "al Qaeda", and then later they claimed they actually meant Saddam was linked to "terrorists". If they knew Saddam wasn't linked to 9/11 or al Qaeda, why did they keep saying that he was? John McCain was recently caught trying to link Iran with al Qaeda but he was forced on the spot by his own staff to re-phrase his comment, replacing the word "al Qaeda" with the word "terrorists". How can these so-called politicians get away with such blatant lies? And when they are later questioned about their lies, they wriggle out of those lies by saying "Well actually, I didn't say that, what I actually meant was.". And then you go back and look at the video of what they did say and you find that they said it in exactly the same way as how they were accused of saying it. And so they have blatantly lied, and then lied again later to cover the first lie while shifting the meaning of their original story as they go along. This is what they did when they lied about Saddam having an arsenal of "weapons of mass destruction", including "chemical and biological weapons ready to be unleashed on the planet within 45 minutes". They said they knew where the weapons were stored and what they consisted of. But 5 years later - still no WMD found. They don't care about their lies being found out later because they have got what they wanted, the lie has served its purpose, and they can still partially spin their way out of it by changing the story and claiming that they never actually said what they said.
In the case of invading Iraq, it is WE who are the oppressors. WE are the ones who have caused chaos, destruction and disorder. And we are the ones who have apparently lost the moral compass. When I say "we", I mean it collectively, as in: "we the good people. who happen to have bad people like George W Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and other illuminati puppets as our representives". We evidently have NO SAY AT ALL when it comes to big issues like sending our troops to war, or joing up with some big global union, or introducing anti-freedom laws. So we have to ask who actually runs our countries and who runs this world. Coz let's face it, it aint us! It should be us, but it aint!
A real solution to the problem is given at the end of the video.
There are murders that we must account for
Bloody deeds have been done in my name
Criminal acts we must pay for
And our children will shoulder the blame
I'm a British subject, not proud of it
While I carry the burden of shame
As a nation we're following blindly
No-one stops to question why
Our money's supporting an army
And a boy in Soweto dies
I'm a British subject, not proud of it
While I carry the burden of shame [Repeat]
Must we go on ignoring forever
The cries of an African son
There's a soldier's hand on the trigger
But it's we who are pointing the gun
I'm a British subject, not proud of it
While I carry the burden of shame
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