V For Vendetta A Study of the Rise of Fascism Part 2 Video

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This is Part 2 of a 15 minute show discussing V for Vendetta as a commentary on politics, power, and those who wield it.
If you think this movie and piece is bashing Bush, or Blair's, respective governments,
you'd be wrong.
This movie is based on a story that was written back when George Duh-Byuh was still a practicing alcoholic and was likely still playing in the snow.
If you look at institutions and laws he's created, and destroyed, along with the loss of liberties in Britain, and see how the 'future' England of "V" was formed:
Time to pause and take a look around you. it's a little chilling, considering the story was written over a DECADE before Bush was appointed Chancellor of Amerika.
Don'tcha' think?
Tags blair, bush, totalitarianism, vendetta

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