Radiohead - Knives Out Video

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Second single from "Amnesiac" (2001), by Radiohead.
Directed by Michel Gondry.
The whole video was shot in one take in the same set (quite remarkable considering the scene changes required).
Director Michel Gondry said the video was autobiographical, about himself and a girlfriend once he had. However, Thom Yorke said the lyrics were about cannibalism.
This video features Emma de Caunes as Thom's girlfriend.
The video tryed to interpret the surreal imagery and fit it with the song lyrics. Nevertheless, Radiohead vetoed this video from the Director's DVD release because it was about Gondry's personal life and loosely based on the song.
The song was developed during the 18-month Kid A and Amnesiac sessions, and it is legendary for supposedly "having taken 373 days to record". Although "Knives Out" is not similar to Radiohead's earlier rock style as featured on The Bends (1995), it is usually noted as one of the most traditional guitar songs the band has done since 20.
I want you to know
He's not coming back
Look into my eyes
I'm not coming back
So knives out
Catch the mouse
Don't look down
Shove it in your mouth
If you'd been a dog
They would've drowned you at birth
Look into my eyes
It's the only way you'll know I'm telling the truth
So knives out
Cook him up
Squash his head
Put him in the pot
I want you to know
He's not coming back
He's bloated and frozen
Still there's no point in letting it go to waste
So knives out
Catch the mouse
Squash his head
Put him in the pot
Tags amnesiac, caunes, de, emma, gondry, knives, michel, out, radiohead

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