TJC Kingdom Hearts 2 Spoof: Episode 3 - The Land of Dragons Video

Time10 min
Views: 33226
Another Side, A Whole Other Story: A Kingdom Hearts II Spoof
Episode 3
After driving for what seemed like 3 months, Sora, Donald, and Goofy make it to the Land of Dragons - a beautiful yet offensively Chinese landscape. During their 10 minute stay, they encounter a charming transvestite, multitudes of flying yellow heartless, and an intense Hun warlord with an insatiable lust for destruction. Watch now, as our heroes learn the ways of kung fu and some good ole cannibal dining in Imperial Age China.
Special thanks to Quentin Tarantino
Music Credits:
Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
Lotus - iMovie
Fields of Honor - KH2
Vim and Vigor - KH2
Two Tough Guys - Isaac Hayes
Facebook group: Kingdom Hearts II Spoof
Blog: of our KH videos will soon be available on Google Video for high quality download*
Any and all suggestions or hate mail should be directed to
Thanks to everyone who watched the first two and demanded number 3. It took a little longer, and we thank you for your patience. We've got alot more coming your way!
Team Johnnycake
Katie Lorenz
Chris Ferdin
For their hilarious captions, each will be recieving a Team Johnnycake t-shirt! Great job guys!
(There are several easter eggs in this video. Find them, and post on our facebook group!)
Tags asian, chicken, china, chinese, dragons, general, hearts, ii, johnnycake, kh2, kh3, kingdom, land, mulan, of, sesame, spoof, team, tso

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