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Rep. George Miller: "It is fitting we're talking about the line-item veto when we're doing the estate tax. President clinton left you guys in the state of $5 trillion, and like irresponsible relatives, you went off and blew it and now you're saying to the country so much like -- so often serial killers leaves letters to the police. The son of sam said, help me before I kill again. You say, help me before I spend again. You control all mechanisms. You control the house, you control the senate, you control the Presidency and you need help before you spend again. What is this, comedy central? What is it you're doing here? Help me. I can't stop spending. Give me a line-item veto and maybe the President will veto a million here or $10 million there or $5 million there. We have an $8 trillion debt. You inherited a $5 trillion surplus. The money you're going to give to the richest families later today in this country, the richest 7,0 families, you're going to borrow from social security."
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