1 day old sparrow 'SPOGGY', raised, cute & now 3 months old Video

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for anyone needing to know the diet for a baby sparrow, or starling and even a blackbird, the diet on this page is the BEST one to follow, please follow it exactly, so that you too may have a happy ending, like we did with Spoggy, feed anything else and it is very likely your bird will not make it - please go to this link for the diet and care info
This poor orphaned sparrow, had all its siblings taken and then the nest fell. My Mum ran outside after seeing the Currawongs, flying off with beaks full of babies and found the nest. It had fallen about 7 feet. Inside, buried deep was one survivor, a one day old sparrow. Mum took it out and the Currawongs had returned and she knew, I would want to try all I could to save it. So she brought it to us, my hubby and I and we began a journey. I had NO idea they could grow so fast. We had expert help on the diet and care and it how to keep it warm and so on. Once my husband as a young boy had dreamed of one day having a tame male sparrow. I had no idea that at age 40, his dream would come true. We didn't let ourselves get attached to the bird for we had sadly lost a few just prior to this one. It had clicking noises in the first few days and that usually means it will not make it. But when it DID make it to 7 days, we both knew, our hearts had been stolen by this beautiful miracle bird. It grew so fast we had to take pics, day and night to show the swiftness of its development. I had just lost my beautiful dog of 12 years, who never left my side and I was very sad. I had no idea we would be sent a sparrow to brighten our hearts so much. This is such an incredible and amazing bird.
The music is from the amazing album Affirmation by of course - Savage Garden. Please don't sue us Darren and Daniel, I have always been one of your biggest fans.
I am seriously ill with 2 incurable diseases and am about to have my 53rd operation. I am usually housebound and sometimes bed bound too and always in a lot of pain. My husband is my full time carer.
We raised this baby bird together and it is like our child. It sits between us to watch Tv, or rides around on our shoulder. But even if I am sick in bed, it will zoom through rooms to come and 'check on me' and he divides his time between us. He is just a beautiful little bird and indeed a miracle. Love and light and thank you for watching
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