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Song: Kissing You by Des'ree from the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack
Okay, so I recently fell in love with the new show Moonlight starring Alex O'Loughlin. And since I had already wanted to see this film (Mary Bryant) with him in it, I watched it, and fell in love with it as well. There is a great love story between Mary and Will Bryant. And since, I noticed that no one had really made a video about these two characters as of yet, I decided to. :)
And for those who haven't seen the film and want to know what's going on:
Includes major spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie (I know it's kind of sad). Basically, Mary Bryant is remembering her relationship with Will, and how everything leads up to his death. The line "kissing you" is a metaphor in my mind, so I showed it as thus in the video. In the film, Mary is a convicted felon (she steals food and a bonnett), and is forced to travel on a ship to be a laborer in a new colony (now Australia). She meets Will on the ship, who is also a convict (he did some smuggling). She is pregnant from a previous ship, and finds herself needing to take care of her baby. From the start, Will and Mary have a strong connection. And when she gives birth to a baby girl, Will loves the child as his own. Finally, after much hardship, they reach the colony. There, they are married and they eventually have a son together. Lieutenant Clark, the villain of the story, has always obsessively wanted Mary for his own. So, in order to plan their escape from the hardship of the colony, Mary chooses to sleep with him in order to get Will the key which will get them supplies. Later, they escape with some other convicts. They go on a turbulent journey for about two months, which almost kills them all. But they reach Timor, a Dutch colony and for a short while find happiness while they wait for ships which will bring them back to England. Unfortunately, Clark discovers them, and out of jealousy kills Will. Mary returns to England, but her two children die along the way as well. She is given a pardon, and she returns to her home country where she thinks about how she has lost Will and her two children.
Well anyway, if you haven't seen it, you should watch it. It's a great film!
Starring: Alex O'Loughlin as Will Bryant, Romola Garai as Mary Bryant and Jack Davenport as Lieutenant Clark.
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