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Here is my simple unedited home video with added pictures at the end and some Technicolor taken with my digital camera video setting. Nothing fancy, lots of jumpy and blurry. It is the Titanic Graves in Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada April 15th, 2007. I had to be quick as there was a tour bus due and I did not know how much filming time I had. I could not get all the names clearly on film. :(
I want to shout out to all the Titanic souls in Mount Olivet Cemetery and Baron de Hirsch Cemetery who did not make it on this video. And I want to point out also that most of the graves surrounding the Titanic ones are folks lost in the Halifax Explosion 5 years later, so many dead that the private cemetery was sold to the Province.
The wooden boardwalk you see was just temporary for the 95th Anniversary gathering and was removed while I was there.
This video is dedicated to all who perish at sea and to the two Stone crew members, Edmund J Stone and Edward Thomas Stone whose names were mixed up after the sinking and the wrong name was put on the grave and who just may be the two black birds you can see flying past me at 1:15 very quickly, the birds crossed right in front of me as I was thinking about the Stone crewmen. They both squawked twice ;)
To read more of my plight about the two Stone Crewmen go to this link. UPDATE MAY 2008! Video of E.J. Stone's pocket watch stopped at 2:16 when the ship sank, is auctioned off at a world record price!
To see all of the Titanic Graves in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada go to this link.
To read about the Unknown Titanic Bodies that were exhumed for DNA testing in 2001 later identifying the Unknown Child (Sidney Leslie Goodwin). Read about the amazing announcement made that they identified the wrong child!
UPDATE. March 2008. I visited the Titanic Graves in October of 2007, 6 months after this video was shot and to my shock the large bush trees you see in the video were gone! Flowerbeds were there instead. The whole atmosphere of the places is different, not bad just different, after visiting steady for 9 years. I do believe those trees have been there for quite a while, but I will check. New photos of Fairview Lawn Cemetery can be seen at the Titanic Graves link above.
I also want to thank the people visiting the Titanic graves when I filmed this, for the kindness in allowing me to capture them. The man and woman in the wheelchairs are local folks who go and visit William Henry Harrison "the Secretary" they told me "is our favorite, he watches over the childes grave." And the two little girls were so interested in the graves, reading every name and asking questions in French. I asked the father if I could photograph his daughter looking at the Unknown Child and he smiled and asked her in French for which she smiled at me, turned and put her hands together. I thanked her very much and moved away, only to see her sit down. She stayed there for several minutes, in fact, until her father called her to come along.
UPDATE June 2008. Someone has made a beautiful video about the Unknown Child and used some of my pictures, I am so happy about this! Check it out!
Titanic the unknown child
Also August 2008 a beautiful new video of all the graves in Fairview Lawn Cemetery can be seen clearly. Awesome!
Titanic victims buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Check it out!
rry, but there are too many Demons to allow comments. Thank you though to everyone who has emailed their kind thoughts and rated the video. I am truly humbled by the huge emotional response and the new Titanic connections I have made. This film was made with love, and has it ever come back to me! :) Here is a comment I received.
"Thanks a lot for the guided tour of the Titanic Graves .always wanted to visit them .but being so far away i cant .now i can cross it off my list of things to do before i die !!"
I was asked who inspired me to do this film? I will have to say Titanic director James Cameron and Trailer Park Boys director Mike Clattenburg.
"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets"
Music by Master James Horner
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