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Jay Chou does the theme song and music video for Jet Li's upcoming Martial Arts movie "Fearless" due for screening on Jan 25, 2006
For his idol Jet Li, Pres Chou danced and showed off his martial arts skill in the Fearless MV
Jay Chou wrote a theme song with the same name as the movie "Fearless" for the "Kung Fu Emperor" Jet Li. Besides personally directing the MV, he even danced a dance that combined hip hop and Chinese style dance. He even imitated Jet Li and boldly showed off his skills with a 3 jointed nunchuck and thus "danced" and "showed his martial arts skills." For his idol Jet Li, Pres Chou can be said to have done everything he could (including the things he usually doesn't do).
Jay Chou is many people's idols, yet he also has his own idol -- Jet Li. Thus, he was exceptionally careful when he cooperated with Jet Li.
Besides getting the inspiration to write Fearless as the theme song for the movie with the same name recently, Pres Chou instructed the lyricist Vincent Fang to write lyrics that fit with the essence of the movie. Indeed we see in the lyrics "Who does the world belong to and what does it matter if you're first? Stoping fights is the martial arts virtue of our generation," "live proudly," etc all refer to the main point of the message that Jet Li tried to communicate in the movie along with the message asking youths to treasure life.
Besides this, Pres Chou's imitation of a girl voice singing high tones is detailed and distinguished. This is the part of the song that can be said to be touched by God. He smiled and said, "Seeing my idol, I had to write a 'diao' song. I'm really satisfied with this song. My ability to rap has further improved because nobody understood what I sang."
The theme song for the movie "Fearless" is a mix between Chinese and hip hop style. The MV is also a combination of eastern and western styles. Everybody will see Jay Chou dance a "martial arts fan dance" in the MV.
Note: I haven't heard of 武扇舞 (wu shan wu) before, but it literally means a martial arts fan dance. The fan is an object, not a person.
Jay also carefully observed and learned Jet Li's moves in the movie and played with the 3 jointed nunchuck in the MV. He said, "Even if I am not as skilled as the person (Jet Li), I want to look just as good as him."
The "Fearless EP" will be released on Jan 20th. This MV along with the the 12 MVS from the album "November Chopin" add up to a total of 13 music videos that the fans can collect altogether in 1 purchase.
Chinese action star Jet Li said Thursday that a lifelong kung fu career has left him with the growing threat of a wheelchair-bound life, but that it would be too difficult for him to switch to a less punishing genre.
Li told about 200 Hong Kong students that few knew about the suffering and sacrifices behind show business -- namely, that he suffered for 20 years after he broke a leg in 1982.
The actor star said doctors have warned him that he could end up in a wheelchair ever since he was 19 years old.
"There's a chance I have to face this problem eventually. It's not 100 percent, but the rate of it happening is very high, increasingly high," he said breezily.
Li, 42, reportedly said earlier that he wanted to give up the martial arts genre for more sensitive fare.
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