Disney's Dinosaur - The Lone Dinosaur Video

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Sorry about the effects, I don't think there is any copy of this song that doesn't have the sounds in? Anyway, this fits perfectly with Aladar being 'The Lone Dinosaur'.
Long ago on a mountain top
A mighty egg was layed
Burned by the light of the circle bright
And cooled by the forest shade
Then one stormy evening when the icy rain did pore
Out of the egg appeared the leg
Of the Lone Dinosaur
His neck was long and limber
His shoulders broad and lean
His eye was high as the morning sky
And his vision it was keen
He wandered strong and silent across the valley floor
And everybody called him
The Lone Dinosaur
His tail was swift as lightening
His heart was brave and pure
Whenever times were frightening
Call his name and he'll be there for sure
One day when he was roaming
Alone out in the west
A vicous pack of sharpteeth came and goubled up his nest
He tracked that pack of varmints and knocked them by the score
He left them lying toothless (toothless)
And he gave a mighty roar
2nd Chorus
He promised his protection
To the helpless and the poor
Whenever there was danger, they'd never be defenceless anymore
This he swore
The Lone Dinosaur
Last Chorus
His tail is swift as lightening
His heart is brave and pure
Whenever times were frightening
He'd be there to fight the carnivore
The Lone Dinosaur
Yee Haa!
This music video is not intended to infrigment copyright issues.
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The Land Before Time © Universal Studios
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