Bill Maher on Marijuana Legalization Video

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Actor, comedian, talk show host, and commentator Bill Maher giving a fantastic speech on the importance of marijuana legalization. He offers a rousing call to action for those that appreciate marijuana to start taking action against the injustice many are experiencing in the form of legal persecution for ingesting or handling a soft drug that has never caused a single death, unlike alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine (which has caused lethal ODs in the form of 'stay awake pep pills'). Because of the extraordinary level of non-toxicity of the marijuana herb, no one has died from even highly concentrated preparations. Yet this very safe and soft drug remains illegal because of obsolete laws, which were dubiously motivated from the start.
Bill Maher stresses that if we remain complacent and don't engage in actions to change this situation, this completely illegitimate persecution of a non-toxic herbal soft drug will continue. And even if you personally have not been legally affected, many are doing hard time and many new victims are daily becoming casualties of a drug war against the one drug that is actually the safest, marijuana. Please support those who have fallen to this completely unjust persecution by helping in what ways you can with your free hands.
"Just say no" to a drug war against a non-physically addictive, non-toxic soft drug. Let them see the stupidity of this. It's time for us to have "zero tolerance" for their violence against law abiding peaceful people that choose marijuana instead of toxic alcohol for relaxation and enjoyment, and even as a safe & effective natural herbal treatment for many medical conditions.
A plant is not bad just because someone says it is. Now is the time for us to have zero tolerance for this ridiculous thick-headedness.
This video of Bill Maher speaking at a NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) conference in 2002 was originally posted on YouTube by Mingo of CannabisTV. CannabisTV can be found at the following URL:
This version posted by me has been slightly edited. The CannabisTV version has the intro included where Bill Maher is being introduced. I wanted to create this slightly shorter version to keep the pace up for more general viewers to help get the word out.
Thanks for reading and watching, and help fight the good fight.
Tags bill, cannabis, decriminalization, incorrect, legalization, maher, marijuana, norml, politically, pot, real, speech, time, weed, with

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