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Time2 min
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*This video opened the Avatar Panel at the New York Comic Con on April 19th! Whoo!
video for aimracer.
(For better video and audio quality, head over to my channel on livevideo (same name)).
Gasp! What are these."lyrics"?!?! Yes it's true, after 4 videos I've finally completed a project where at least the chorus is intact. Only the instrumental version was requested, but the original is just so fun. So, we're left with this, a super-edited version of 2 songs, and the official movie sequel to "Encore."
I apologize for the length of this video, I had originally intended to make it at least 2:30, but due to the song's unbearably repetitive nature, that goal was not met. At least it's longer than Daughter of Fire.
Because people are going to ask:
0:01 - strength/power (Toph)
0:02 - love/caring (Katara)
0:04 - courage/valor (Sokka)
0:05 - hero (Aang)
0:06 - redemption(Zuko)
0:12 - water/ice
0:14 - earth/metal
0:18 - fire/lightning
chorus: (same throughout)
0:24 - luck
0:25 - skill
0:29 - pleasure
0:31 - pain
0:32 - remember the name
0:47 - determination
0:49 - fearless
0:50 - fighter (yeah Toph!)
0:53 - teamwork
0:57 - wicked
1:08 - distrust (poor Zuzu)
1:47 - Raven (me!)
This is my 24th video, which holds a special place in my heart despite what the Writers' Strike is doing to my obsession. (Jack needs to come BACK.)
Enjoy, rate, and comment!
I can NOT believe this video has 6 honors. That is something I thought would never happen for a video like this. WOW thanks guys! (This was my first video to receive video honors, I guess it's only fitting that now it's on the All Time list XD)
Song: Remember the Name (Instumental) by Fort Minor
Completion Time: 42 hours. This took me forever for some reason.
Song(s) Edited?: Obviously.
Programs Used: Sony Vegas 7.0 and Paint Shop Pro 7.
I discredit all ownership of the clips and audio featured in this video. Avatar belongs to Mike and Bryan, and the evil overlords of Viacom.
Tags aang, airbender, animation, avatar, black, day, fort, katara, last, minor, name, of, remember, sokka, sun, the, toph, zuko

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