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This is a romaji version of Okkusenman (omoide wa okusenman), (a song that I DIDN'T MAKE/SING, I ONLY PUT ROMAJI SUBTITLES OVER IT FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES), the song that's stuck in my head every other day,
the romaji lyrics are shown slightly before the original ones, because i HATE how fansubs make karaoke for opening and ending themes, where the first word of the next line coming up is sung BEFORE it is SHOWN!?!?!?!
source video:
source of ROMAJI lyrics:
ROMAJI SUBTITLES PUT OVER SOURCE VIDEO by AlphaCananogram using DivXLand Media Subtitler
P.S. SORRY! i forgot that the letters "a" and "o" look similar in Comic San MS when BOLD (the font used for the romaji subtitles), but it's A HELL OF A LOT BETTER LOOKING than the original subtitles,
P.S.S. Sorry if i sound angry, i was cranky that day,
Tags karaoke, megaman, okkusenman, okusenman, rockman, roma=ji, romaji, romanji, ずくせんまん, ずっくせんまん, ロックマン, ロックマン2, 億千万

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