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Title: Arima Shinjikun
Welcome to pretentiousness.
This video has a very simple concept: Arima Souchiro from Kare Kano and Shinji Ikari from Eva are the same person.
OK, they're not but, in terms of psychological trauma, they suffer from many of the same maladies. This video is about the warped psychosis of the two characters - the majority of the footage being taken from episodes 25 and 26 of eva (and some End of Eva scenes) and episode 24 of Kare Kano.
Actually, there is a third unspoken character in this music video - that of the director Hideaki Anno whose imagery, style and psychological concepts pervade this video. It's as much about him as it is about the two main characters.
The entire video is done in the style of Anno's post-nadia work: i.e. Neon Genesis Evangelion, End of Evangelion, Kare Kano and Love and Pop (possibly also Celebration Day although I haven't seen it). As a result, the majority of this video required footage and stills to be composited together to the extent that over 90% of the frames in this video do not appear in any of the sources. Almost the entire video is composited together except the scenes that did not require any further stylistic additions. Furthermore, many images had to be drawn by myself as appropriate poses, and so on, were not in existence. See technical notes for more info.
OK, there's lots of strange images in this video. and you might be wondering 'So what does it all mean?' Well, I don't think it's really my place to say. What I can do is point out the salient images in the anime that I have also used in this video - i.e. to combine the psychological imagery of both works. These images include but are not limited to:
- Steel and concrete: A common image in these anime and in Anno's work. Stills of concrete and metal structures are taken from both anime. You cant really miss them ^_^
- Traffic lights and telegraph poles: Another recurring image, the former used more frequently in Kare Kano but both appearing in both shows.
- The tall 8-piece window: This is an Arima image and memory from his childhood.
- The pyramid sandcastle: This is a shinji image from his vision during the complimentation scene in End of Evangelion. Possibly related to a real childhood event but more than likely pure psychological imagery. The pyramid is similar to Nerv headquaters but also seem to represent a vagina. don't ask me, I'm not Freud.
- The cracked/masked face and the face of faces: Psychological reflection of self for each character respecively - I think
- Live action footage in motion (often on tracks): A stylistic device in all his later works. I'm not going to state what I think it represents but it is almost always used in the context of character profiles, dreams and emotional turmoil. The stuff used in the video is actually from Anno's live action movie Love and Pop which was made directly after Kare Kano. Actually some of it was made at the same time and the room that you see in the video is the same on that is featured in the end credits of episode 24 of Kare Kano.
Wow, wasn't that pretentious. All this for just a crummy music video.
Spandau Ballet

To Cut a Long Story Short
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