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Tony Soprano meets The Joker?? Well, look, it had to happen sooner or later. Max Koch (pronounced "Cook") - wholly aware that EVERYONE'S doing it - pays sincere homage to the late, great Heath Ledger. This video is nothing more than a loving tribute with satirical elements, so please don't get your knickers in a knot.
MUSIC: A slight chunk from "Why So Serious?" by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard from the soundtrack to "The Dark Knight". No, Max did not acquire the rights to it and he apologizes for that. But he DID purchase the soundtrack for this harmless little "fan video" and highly suggests that you do, too. As a result, this video did NOT qualify for revenue sharing. He also spent a lot of money on the OFFICIAL-brand Joker costume and wig. Oh, and he did pay two full-price admissions to see the film in theatres. With two sodas and popcorn, no less!! That's not entitlement to do whatever he feels like with precious property, just. y'know. throwin' it out there.
Max worked very hard on this video.
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