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(I dont know who made the translation)
Aoi, heading towards
Aoi: we have finally arrived here. The weather is nice too. Let's do our best today. One car, and one group of staff people. Let's put our goals in our hearts. Maybe even eating crab ramen while we're at it. Let's work hard.
"oh the car, watch out for the car!"
Kai: it looks like so much fun just watching this. It makes me want to join too. How can I go in?
Aoi: just come in!
Staff: so, in the end Kai-kun couldn't go inside the group and now he is like this.
Staff: how is your condition?
Ruki: horrible.
Staff: horrible? Your voice won't come out? You can do it.
Uruha's "Let's learn about sake" corner
Uruha: so it has started, the "let's learn about sake" corner.
Kai: haha a learning about sake corner?
Uruha: It's kinda bad to be doing this kind of thing before a live, but I got this as a present, it is Moet & Chandon. I wanted to just taste this a bit.
Kai: So, does Uruha-san always drink alcohol before a live?
Uruha: well, if I get some as a present then I do.
Kai: oh I see.
Uruha: ok then, I'll drink this.
Uruha: um, I sometimes get fan-mails saying "do you always drink and do crazy things?" and stuff. I guess I do it too, but I don't really just drink to get wasted or anything. And you know you don't just come to the live having that kind of energy, and you always want to be excited, but that's pretty hard, so I guess I try to control myself when I'm alone. I calm myself down, and then I try to raise my energy up, but still keep that consciousness. You don't want to drink until you get so drunk, but you want to drink enough so that you can get a little bit happier. By my energy is really hard to control, so I'm not really depending on alcohol, but I think it's important to be happy or else you can't make others happy.
This is your first one-man at Mie, but what do you think?
Aoi: well, after I became an artist I don't really come to Mie a lot, so I feel simply happy just being able to go somewhere I used to be. After I came to Tokyo I was thinking I want to do a live there too, so it feels like one dream came to true or something.
"it's really busy"
"you wanna quit going out there?"
"well, let's do our best out there"
[I can't really hear what they're saying here]
Aoi: yeah, at Mie all the people around me, whether it be the members or the staff, they were all trying to put me out there in the front, and I was happy about their feelings. I think if it were some other place, I would have been in a bad mood cuz it was such a small place, but it felt really good instead. I want to go again.
Ruki: yeah, so we're going to let Aoi do all the MC.
Aoi: Man, this is seriously too sudden!
[Ruki makes a mistake and almost says the wrong song title]
Kai: umm, since Reita kun didn't zip me up today again, I had Saga-san[?] do it for me instead. Please just say what you feel like today to the camera.
"yes, I will do my best today."
Kai: say, raise your fists!
"raise your fists!"
Reita: umm, Yonago really has nothing, and it's a really small country town, but my hometown is like that too so I feel this sort of attachment to this place. Right, Uruha-kun?
Uruha: oh, what?
Reita: there's nothing here, but unlike where we're from—
Uruha: it's so cold!
Reita: hey! You're not even listening!
Reita: Yes.this is my best partner.
Why do you always lose things/forget things all the time?
Ruki: what?
Kai: You's because everyone is asking me to do too many things! It's like, I have limits too you know! To say the truth—
Ruki: right now, your side view looked a little like me.
Kai: haha my side view.
Ruki: wow, that's crazy! Oh.but when you look at it from the front it looks dirty.
Kai: I always forget/lose everything. I think I'm the one who wants to ask the most, why there's so many things lost all the time. Even if I ask myself why we lose so many things, I can't think up of the answer.
Ruki: You know the line, where your neck ends. Yeah this area—
[Uruha comes close up to the screen]
Ruki: I guess no one's listening.
[Aoi starts dancing]
Staff: Matsugen Samba [this guy who dresses up in sparkly kimonos and sings and dances, pretty famous in Japan right now]
Ruki: oh, what's that?
Aoi: I'm like that at lives and stuff, but I'm usually like that all the time. Everyone says "you're so quiet" or "you're so adult-like", but it's not really true. It's just that there was never a chance to show my true self, so I always seemed like that.
Uruha: There are rumors that say I don't really show up on this camera a lot.
Reita: oh, well don't tell that to me.
Ruki: excuse me
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