GacusanLTD. - Spike's Bittersweet Dream - Cowboy Bebop AMV Video

Time4 min
Views: 62900
Anime - Cowboy Bebop Series
Song - Bittersweet Symphony Remix by Moby
Episodes Used - 1 to 26
Here I am, back with another one. This'll probably be my last one for awhile because my computer is slowing down and it's processing is pretty crappy soo I'm getting impatient lol My nex AMV will probably be when I get a new computer lol cause this one took alotta time and alotta cursing lol
Theme & Ideas:
Well, unless you already noticed which I am certain most of you should hav, the name of the AMV and the name of the song connect. In this AMV, I'm trying to implement the idea that Spike's life is nothing but a bittersweet dream that he hasn't woken up from. The rest is pretty straight forward. I jus show clips of Spike's ordinary life but mostly his painful "bittersweet" moments..
Well to me Cowboy Bebop is one of the best animes around.. and I've been wanting to make a bebop amv for some time.. All I needed was the right song that connected to the right idea.. After watching Bebop for the second time around I thought of dreams and at the same time I was listening to BitterSweet Symphony but the original was a little slow so I used a remix instead. I dont know what else to say for this amv but I wasnt quite happy with my editing cause I got lazy! lol what can I do? Windows Movie Maker sucks lol anyways if anythin jus message or leave a comment.
By the way - all anime music videos that hav been compiled on this account is purely fan based and we do not own any of the anime used to create these music videos.
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