Dean/Brooke/Lucas - New Against the First Video

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I've been working on this vid for several months and decided today was the day i would force my brain to think what would happen. I didn't really like the turn out but hopefully you guys will be nice to me then I am to myself. This really isn't one of my best vids. Sorry guys.
Short Summary:
Dean moves in next door to Brooke and instantly falls. Unfortunately Brooke has had the same boyfriend since she could walk.
(When thinking of Brooke & Lucas' relationship, try to think Nate & Blair and how Blair loved Nate since she was young. The same applies for Brooke & Lucas and no matter how bad Lucas messes up, and he always does, Brooke always takes him back)
Longer Broken Down Summary
-Dean settles down on the porch of his new house and is suprised by the site of a beautiful girl coming his way. The girl introduces herself as Brooke his neighbor.
-While eating lunch Dean looks out his window to see Brooke with a guy. He watches from afar sizing up the guy while admiring Brooke.
-Brooke is going out when she sees her boyfriend Lucas with another girl. She knows he's cheating again.
-Brooke goes out to a bar. Dean notices her there and approaches her. They share a hot night together and Brooke goes home happy.
-Brooke plans on moving on but her plans are cut short when Lucas calls asking to meet up with him.
-Dean notices Brooke outside her porch and attempts to go up to her but notices Lucas.
-Dean witnesses as Lucas apologizes and Brooke takes him back.
-Dean confronts Brooke and Brooke tries to explain her complicated relationship with Lucas. Dean argues back saying that she can't go back to Lucas he's a cheater, and she can't just sleep with him and then ask to be friends after. He wants to be with her. When Brooke doesnt' respond Dean leaves.
-At a party with Lucas, Brooke notices Dean and chases after him wanting to apologize and be friends.
-Lucas comes out before Brooke can talk to Dean. Lucas can tell somethings going on between her and the new guy. Brooke must choose who she wants.
OKAY so I left this video open ended. Im not sure yet if I'm going to do a sequel. Maybe, if i can get an idea of what will happen and a song idea. But I'm not really leaning toward the sequel direction. But if you guys really want it, I'll bend to your will. Because I love you all..::sigh::
Well I hope you enjoyed it!! and dont forget to comment!
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April 04
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