Queen interview @ Sanremo (1984) Video

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Queen were in Sanremo Italy to promote their album "The Works".
Thanks to porcocazzoinculo for providing me with the translation:
Q: Brian, what are the features of a successfull album?
A: probably you asked this question to the wrong person.I really don't know, i think that we don't know the real content of this album, and this makes everything more exiting.like when you wake up in the morning and u don't know how u want 2 dress.i have no idea.
Q: Freddy, did u prepare something special to promote this album, about look or new videos?
A:We r goin to make another video after "Radio Ga Ga", we have 4 or 5 new videos. We love making videos because it's somethin exiting and more immediate, fresh
Q:the "Radio Ga Ga" video is very good, how are u interested in this kind of art and promotion?
A: yes, a video is a form of art and promotion, the first one we made is "Bohemian rapsody". it's very important now 2 make a video : in America there is Mtv that broadcast only videos, and also in Europe there is a big interest; the real problem is that sometime u don't know how 2 make the video, so it's something to considerate
Q: Freddy i think that u have one of the most beautiful voice of rock music.
A: oh, u think that? well me too
Q: what r the directions that u want to give to your voice?
A: well, I just sing in a natural way, this is my voice; a lot of singers, like Aretha Franklin or Rod Stewart, can use it better than me.i would like to sing like black singers, but this is just my only voice.
Q: Freddy, from 70's to 80's how did u change your look?
A: well, I'm 37 now, and with long hairs I look like a stupid.
Q: Freddy, what r giftes on courses in being the front man of a rock band like Queen?
A:it's beautiful when I can have all the girls!
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