How To Save A Life Video

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IF YOU'RE CONFUSED, READ THE END OF THIS! A music video about Sousuke and Kaname from the series Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. Contains Spoilers, as well as brief nudity, blood, violence, weapons, and death.
SPOILER: Kaname doesn't die, although someone did try to kill her, who, I believe, was sent by Gauron. Thinking his assasin accomplished her job successfully, Gauron told Sousuke, who hadn't seen Kaname in a while, that Kaname was dead. So he goes all emo, and refuses to pilot, she finds him, tells him he's an idiot, and he fights again and wins. Oh, he did get pissed ag Gauron when he told him kaname was dead, so he shot him. So, they live happily ever after, like the scene at the very end. Hopefully that cleared up any misconceptions. ^_^; And please feel free to correct me if I got any part of that wrong.
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