Ninja Gaiden III (NES) no-death speedrun in 15:09, part 2/2 Video

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*Update on September 27, 2007*
I've completed an improved Ninja Gaiden I speedrun, which is 42 seconds faster than my 15:09 run. You can view my improved run here:
*end of update*
This is a no-death speedrun that I did on May 18, 2007. I used a DVD recorder and an NES to record the video. No cheating was used. This is part 2 of 2.
During stage 7-2B, there is about one second of footage missing. This isn't a cut or an attempt at video editing. It's a recording glitch. At first, I though that my cheap DVD recorder was the problem (this missing-footage thing happened a few times during other recording sessions), but now I think the problem was the DVD-Rs I was using at the time I recorded this run.
Stage Six
Ryu enters some otherworldly dimension and finds himself in an ice cavern. Luckily, sliding on ice is Ryu's specialty. He espies a sword upgrade and plunges into a group of enemies to obtain it. The frigid temperature dulls Ryu's ninja senses, and he suffers many injuries. Barely alive, he exits the ice cavern and enters the sweltering heat of what looks to be the nest of some foul creature. The ground is composed of a slimy excretion that threatens to suffocate Ryu.
Ryu reaches the creature's inner lair; the stench overwhelms him. Ryu is fatigued and bleeding. The ground tries to ingest him. Somehow, he manages to defeat the creature. With most of his energy gone, Ryu is unable to keep his head above the ground and is completely submerged. He hears his father's voice speaking encouraging words. With one final burst of energy, Ryu leaps out of the ground and escapes from the deadly nest.
Stage Seven
Ryu finds himself on the outside of a dimensional warship. The wind threatens to blow him to his death, but Ryu forges ahead. Inside the warship, he relies heavily on the invincible fire wheel to get him through many tight spots. The warship seems to have no end; Ryu's stamina is tested.
In the heart of the warship, Ryu confronts the transmuted megalomaniac himself, Clancy. Ryu prevails, and the dimensional warship explodes. Humanity is safe once more. In an emotional reunion, Ryu and Irene engage in a profound discussion, and Ryu decides that he wants to thank all of the living beings in the world. So if you're a dead being, don't expect to receive a thank-you note from Ryu.
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