Thrash Bands A-Z Video

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a response to "80's hair bands A-Z". i decided to make a similar video, but with..well.better bands! haha
Annihilator - "Alison Hell"
Anthrax - "Madhouse"
Blood Feast - "Kill For Pleasure"
D.R.I - "Beneath The Wheel"
Dark Angel - "The Burning Of Sodom"
Death Angel - "Seemingly Endless Time"
Destruction - "Mad Butcher"
Exodus - "The Toxic Waltz"
Exumer - "Possessed By Fire"
Evil Dead - "Annihilation Of Civilization"
Flotsam and Jetsam - "Hammerhead"
Hallow's Eve "D-I-E"
Heathen - "Set Me Free"
Kreator - "Toxic Trace"
Laaz Rockit - "Fire In The Hole"
Megadeth - "Wake Up Dead"
Metallica - "Seek and Destroy"
Municipal Waste - "Unleash The Bastards"
Nuclear Assault - "Critical Mass"
Onslaught - "Let There Be Death"
Overkill - "Elimination"
Possessed - "Fallen Angel"
Razor - "Evil Invaders"
S.O.D - "Sargent D & The S.O.D"
Sacred Reich - "Surf Nicaragua"
Sepultura - "Arise"
Slayer - "The Antichrist"
Sodom - "Outbreak Of Evil"
Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized"
Tankard - "The Morning After"
Testament - "Over The Wall"
Toxic Holocaust - "6"
Vio-Lence - "Calling In The Coroner"
Whiplash - "Warmonger"
Tags 80's, metal, metalheads, speed, thrash

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